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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4 Things to Help Develop a Vision for You Life

Do you have a vision for your life?

Life is way too short and you are way too important to God and the plans He has for your life for you to not have a vision for your life.

If you don't have a vision for your life, you will take to your grave a lot of what "could have been"!


4 things to help develop a vision for my life:

1. Know yourself.

If you're 5'3" and 112 lbs. and 20 years old, you won't play middle linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Ever!

  • Who are you? What are your passions and do your passions align with your strengths?

2. Develop your strengths that align with your passions so you can carry out your vision.

  • Once you discover your strengths– and this takes some time–develop them, hone them, and become an expert in them! This will take about 10,000 hours. Becoming an expert isn't an overnight deal; it takes years of grinding. Are you willing to grind?

3. Learn from people who are doing what you want to do.

  • Learn from successful people who are doing what you want to do. You do this, not to become a carbon copy of them, but to see how they do what they do, and incorporate it into your unique God-given "you-ness."

4. And, finally, if your vision only makes your life better, it's way too small and self-centered. And that sucks!

  • Have a life vision that when you die, not just your family cries, but people you didn't even know cry, because their life was better as a result of God working through your life.

source: just marinating/derwin gray

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enjoying the Flow of God's Presence

Enjoying the Flow of God's Presence

excerpts from ...Dawn Marie Wilson

Scurrying, hurrying, worrying ... that characterized my ministry a few years ago. As a result, I lost my health, had to give up a ministry I loved, and sat confused in my bedroom one day, wondering where I'd gone wrong.

                                      I knew that this was more than a Job experience. I'd made some foolish choices that got me into my condition. Yet I told some caring friends—wise counselors I should have heeded—that I had everything "under control."

                                      I didn't. I wasn't lying; I just didn't know how far I'd traveled into Crazyland. I not only couldn't see the forest for the trees, I couldn't see the trees! All I saw was my own agenda, and from that selfish focus, I couldn't see the signs God was posting to warn me all along the way.

                                      I was brought up short in a "Revival Week" meeting at Life Action Ministries. Dr. Bill Elliff, pastor of the Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, reminded the staff and members of the revival ministry—of which I am a part—that "Everything flows from the presence of God."
                                      There was something about that word "flows" that captured my attention. Nothing in my life at that time was flowing. I struggled between dry and barren and a flood of activity. My heart ached for the peace of a "flowing" life.
                                      I decided that if God's presence is that powerful, I need to understand it more and be intentional in seeking it.

The Bible tells us that God's presence is inescapable (Psalm 139:7; Jeremiah 23:24), but I didn't know how to enjoy and rest in His presence. My personal "Quiet Time"—when I took time for it—had become more duty than delight. It was more about meeting my needs than meeting with God.

                                      Over time, as I focused on pastor Elliff's simple words, my scurrying, hurrying, and worrying dropped away. It wasn't that my calendar was less full, but that I was more filled with the knowledge of God's presence as I considered the activities of my life.
truths to ponder on from this article:
Discover the promise of God's Presence. Jesus, our Immanuel, will always be with His people (Matthew 1:23; 28:20). We have protection, peace, provision, and so many other blessings because of our Lord's ever-present shepherding (Psalm 23).
Relish the Place of God's Presence. God is before His people (John10:4), leading them personally, but also following close behind (Psalm 139:5). He hovers above us with His protecting shadow of love (Psalm 63:7; 91:1) and is beneath us, carrying us through the difficulties of life (Isaiah 40;11; 46:4). He is all around us, surrounding and protecting us (Psalm 125:2). Most precious of all, He is in our midst, delighting in our presence (Zephaniah 3:17).
Be more confident of the Power of God's Presence.Such encourages me in my struggles (Exodus:14), bringing me courage when I needed it most (Deuteronomy 20:1), and comforting me in my trials (Isaiah 43:2).
Learn to dwell in the power of the Holy Spirit. Rest in Him and not my own flesh (Galatians 5:16, 25).
Practice the sweet presence of God,Become conscious of what He desires.Let your life be altered in the Priorities of God's Presence (Acts 4:13). Have an increased consciousness of God's presence. Author says,  I changed what I talked about, what I watched and listened to, and where I went. I cancelled some activities completely because of new heart convictions. I chose activities that aligned with God's will and ways. I made decisions based on His callings in my life, not the expectations of others. In short, my character changed, and I made wiser, godly choices that helped me enjoy and glorify God.

                                      God is always there, but we wander away, or we ignore God, or we disobey and grieve Him; but confession of sin and repentance are God's solution to that wall of sin that blocks the sense of His presence. In the days following the revival meeting that changed my perspective, I tied a piece of red yarn around my wrist. Every time I saw it, I remembered: "God is with me, right now!" The reminder also helped me keep shorter sin accounts with God.

                                      The scriptures tell us that God is "not far from every one of us..." (Acts 17:27). What a blessing. God is our greatest untapped resource for peace. Oh, that we would earnestly seek and fully enjoy His presence!

Dawn Marie Wilson is the director of Heart Choices Ministries, and writes Heart Choices Today. She co-authored with Pam Farrel LOL with God: Devotional Messages of Hope & Humor for Women (Focus on the Family) and posts regularly at LOL with God. Dawn works as a contracted writer/researcher for two national ministries, is the San Diego affiliate director of NEWIM—Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry, and is a freelance writer with Christian Examiner